How it works

Step 1

We take your brief

We listen and get to know your vision and ethos. It is critical for us to fully understand your requirements. This is the most important stage of the process. We use our tried and tested questionnaire to cover everything. This is used as our brief throughout the website build.

Step 2

Present a design concept

Based on your brief we design and create a fully functioning webpage layout.  We review this with you. Only when approved by you do we proceed with the rest of the build. Not sure? No problem, we can propose a whole new layout until you are happy.

Step 3

Create and populate your website

At the start of the project we provide a simple and intuitive template, and website content guide, for you to complete. Not a writer? No problem, our copywriters proof-read and suggest any amendments. Once completed we populate your entire website with the content.

Step 4

Presentation, feedback and amends

So now you have a fully functioning and content populated website. We review this with you and then make the final tweaks and adjustments based on your feedback. Once the final amends have been made and agreed with yourself we’re ready to go live.


Step 5

Time to go live!

Website meet world! We put your website live and submit it to Google and Bing search engines so it can start to be indexed.

We also implement basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on all website pages to allow your website to rank better.

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