Ok so nothing is more effective than your own imagery to feature on your website. Realistic images of yourself, your workplace and your colleagues executing the service you provide, or images of satisfied customers. This will only ever increase trust and assurance to you website visitors and potential clients.

Unfortunately for several reasons this is not always an easy task for many new starts, SME’s and cottage businesses. A second option is to purchase stock imagery. Luckily stock imagery has come on along way from what it was 5 years ago. It is no longer all fake poses and cheesy smiles, quite often great lifestyle imagery can be found to suit most businesses.


For those on a bit more of a budget there are a bunch of websites that provide free stock imagery, here are some which we have come across:



This is a great site with some serious hidden gems. Unsplash adds 10 new royalty free images every 10 days. You can search the image library an no attribution is required.


Another great site. I particularly like how picjumbo is reasonably ‘cheese’ free, I have found some good little lifestyle images that have worked out great. You can search the image library an no attribution is required.


If it’s artistic imagery of beautiful landscapes, animals and architecture then Jay Mantri is the site for you. No attribution is required.

4.New old stock

New old stock has some amazing vintage images from the public archives. Particularly great for old images of musicians and fans. No attribution is required.


Some nice lifestyle images as well as a few whacky images. Depending on the business type this could be worth a look. No attribution is required.


We will continue to update this article as we find new great sources for free imagery, should this be the option for your Big Launch website.